Pitching…. “Whip”Mechanics

What pitching style do I teach?  Who pitches like that?

It’s the be all end all question! There are 2 main styles of pitching, the “hello elbow” and the whip style.  I teach the whip style. If you look at the top pitchers, you’ll see the mechanics they are using is  the whip style. This allows for maximum velocity, as well as maximum spin on a ball for movement pitches.

One of my favorite pitchers, one who I feel did the most with what she was given is Amanda Scarborough. Standing 5ft 5 inches, she still throws in the upper 60’s just like those 6ft pitchers we all know. It just goes to show you that mechanics are the most important thing for a pitcher. Solid mechanics, and an explosive lower half have all the makings of a powerful pitcher.

Speaking of 6 foot pitchers, Cat Osterman speak very highly of wrist snap.(Whip Style) Both of these pitchers are incredible, and spent countless hours working on their mechanics.

Until next time!

Coach Jason (Jay) Bolden

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