Week 4 BG Fastpitch Pitching Clinic PowerPoint

BG Fastpitch Pitching Clinicw4

You heard me speak about Austin Wasserman and High Level Throwing (HLT) Here is a link to what he is all about! –He has worked with several softball teams, as well as baseball teams! – https://www.highlevelthrowing.com/

Videos from Clinic are below – just click the link

Warm Routine –

Stretch – K Bands – Run – Throw Overhand – Then Loose Warm Up – Walk Through – Run Through – Full Pitch!

Loose Warm up – NO WRIST FLICKS! — Helps with Timing!

Cross Over Drill – Regulates Rotation – Great for Over Rotators!

Exercise Ball – Core – Body Control – 

Balance Board – Body Control – Balance – 

Pitching Clock —


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