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Week 4 BG Fastpitch Pitching Clinic PowerPoint

BG Fastpitch Pitching Clinicw4

You heard me speak about Austin Wasserman and High Level Throwing (HLT) Here is a link to what he is all about! –He has worked with several softball teams, as well as baseball teams! –

Videos from Clinic are below – just click the link

Warm Routine –

Stretch – K Bands – Run – Throw Overhand – Then Loose Warm Up – Walk Through – Run Through – Full Pitch!

Loose Warm up – NO WRIST FLICKS! — Helps with Timing!

Cross Over Drill – Regulates Rotation – Great for Over Rotators!

Exercise Ball – Core – Body Control – 

Balance Board – Body Control – Balance – 

Pitching Clock —


Lesson Availablity! Taking on new clients both hitting and pitching!

My schedule is opening up! I’ll have a few days that lessons can be done on! Mondays,  Wednesdays (some) Saturdays, and Sundays (once the pitching clinic is over) will be days that I’ll be available!


I’ll be taking on both pitching and hitting clients! If you’re looking to get in, now is the time to set up your time and day!

You can schedule a lesson 1 of 2 ways! Use the Appointy app (Free) and set it up! Click below!

Or you can reach out to me via the BG Fastpitch site — Appointy will be the most current up to day times and days. More weekdays will become available in the next few weeks!


Click below to contact me via the BG Fastpitch site.

Jason (Jay) Bolden



Congrats to Angel Harper!

Congrats to Angel Harper of Lake Central High School, St. John Indiana on signing her NLI to continue her academic and softball career at University of Wisconsin-Parkside (Division 2). Angel has been hitting and working on defense with me for 3 years. I am blessed to have been able to and still continue to work with her! She’s going to do big things up there!!