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Here are some other videos of clients, and important things and info I feel are important:

Slap Hitting

Meet 11 year old Moira. Moira started taking slap lesson from me about 6 months ago. When I 1st met her she only hit from the right side. As soon as we started working together she started picking up the basics very quickly. I soon had to challenge her weekly. We started with just sacrifice bunting, then moved into drag bunts. Eventually we had to continue to progress! We moved into hard slap, and power slap. Lastly, we started using our 2 strike approach of “Slash”. At age 11, Moira has a bright future as both a slap hitter and a pitcher! I’m excited to see how she progresses!

Moira “Slash”

Meet 13 year old Autumn. Autumn started working with me over a year ago, as she had just joined our travel team. Autumn came from a recreational setting, but was looking to progress. She is a natural lefty, and could hit from the left side. Autumn wanted to use her speed to her advantage, so we started working on her slap hitting.  I have a process where we always start with the basics, and move on from there. Autumn instantly got the small ball parts of slap hitting to work for her. It was the hard and power slaps we needed to work on the most. She has begun using these weapons in games now (hard and power) with success! Autumn has had great success this past year, and she is certain to much more as she keeps working hard!

Autumn – Hard Slap

Autumn Hard Slap – Game

Autumn – Slash



Meet 18 yr old Makaela. Makaela started working on pitching with me after her junior year in high school. She came from the “Hello Elbow” style pitching mechanics. So our main goal was to get her to unlock the elbow and move into the I/R “whip” mechanics. This video is of Makaela pitching about 3 months into the transition. She currently now pitches and play SS for Praire State College. Her velocity and spin has increased, and Makaela is having a great year!

Makaela “Whip” 3 months in




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