Working with the BEST!

What a great weekend I had last weekend! I had the opportunity to work a pitching clinic in Ft. Wayne, IN with Rick Pauly and several other amazing pitching coaches from around the country. We had pitching coaches from Washington, Utah, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, and South Carolina.


I can’t even begin to tell you how excited and honored I was to be chosen to come! All of the coaches who came in have been working with a group called Fastpitch Foundations. We have been studying under the likes of Rick Pauly, Rich Balswick, and  Mike Muhleisen. We have former All- American and NPF pitchers as well, Anna Nickel, and Lacy Waldrop.

It was a beautiful thing when all the coaches there are teaching what the elite are doing. It was an incredible weekend, with kids from all over, New Jersey, Nashville, West Virginia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and many other states.


I’m excited to continue my journey of learning, and growth!

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